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Hello Friends,

Today I have come up with some information for a very important tool which is very useful in your day to day life. Let’s see what am I talking about?

Many people nowadays search for a tool that could easily enable them to write in their mother language. All thanks to our International language ENGLISH due to which we never concentrated on our mother languages. Being in India, we have various different languages in which we need to speak, read and write. As most of the Indians stay with their families it’s very easy for us to speak and read in our mother tongue, however, it becomes a hectic task when someone asks to write in our mother tongue.

Well, I have a super easy solution for this. I have seen many people searching for  Google Input Tools which allows you to write in different languages. This tool takes the INPUT in ENGLISH and gives you the OUTPUT in your mother tongue script. Isn’t that amazing?

Now if you know English well you will also be able to pronounce it in different languages and GOOGLE INPUT TOOLS makes it easier for you.

The next question is “Where do you find this GOOGLE INPUT TOOLS ?”.  If you type this in Chrome or Internet it will give you an online tool wherein you can start using it by typing in English and get your desired Output. However, the drawback of this is it will work only if you are online. If you are Offline, it might not work.

Now, what if you are travelling or maybe in a remote area where Internet connectivity is not up to the mark. Would you stop working completely? Especially when you are into Journalism, Blogging, writing various articles for magazines, an author, a scriptwriter or a poet you will always have to be accessible to this tool to express your work in your language.

Don’t worry, I am here to tell you exactly about the solution when you are offline. You guessed it right! I will tell you how can you use GOOGLE INPUT TOOLS when you are offline so that you can continue working even when there is no Internet connection around. Below is the procedure which you can follow to use this tool when you are offline.

Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Download the Google Main Setup through the below link:
Google Input Tools Main Setup

Step 2:

After you download “Google Input Tools Main Setup” you again need to download any of your favorite languages tool from the below links and install it on your PC/Laptop.
Google Input Hindi
Google Input Marathi
Google Input Bengali
Google Input Gujarati
Google Input Kannada
Google Input Malayalam
Google Input Nepali
Google Input Oriya
Google Input Punjabi
Google Input Sanskrit
Google Input Tamil
Google Input Telugu

Step 3:

Once installed, you can use this language tool from anywhere you want and you are good to go 🙂


Isn’t that a fantastic solution which will make your day to day life easier without any language barrier.  So start using this tool for your formal or Informal scripts and don’t forget to like my blog and share in your feedback in the Comments section. You can also let me know the topics you want me to give you information about. I will be happy to help you all.

Thank you.
Amar Agarwal
Mayuri Mohite

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