Tally ERP 9: How to Download, Install & Activate? tally license.


Welcome to Our SnehaPC Tally Traning and I’m here to help you learn how to use Tally ERP 9 through these Blog. you will learn how Tally ERP9 can make your accounting inventory management and compliance simpler and quicker.

How to download, install and activate your Tally ERP 9 License

Step 1: Visit Tally Solutions Website

You need to visit the website www.tallysolutions.com and in the Upper Right Corner of the website, you will find an option to Download Tally ERP9 Click On it.

Step 2: Download Installer/Setup File

Here you will find two options “Install now” & “Download” you may click on any one option for a setup file to download.


Step 3: How to Install Tally ERP 9

Run the setup file and select the folder in which you want Tally ERP9 to be installed and then click on Advanced to Confirm Data Directory Path you may Change the path where you want to store your tally data now click Accept then install and that’s it installation is just that simple click has done.


Step 4: Diffrent methods to activate tally

Next step is how to activate your License? and now here’s a tip you can use your keyboard up and down keys to navigate between the various options and then you can press enter on the field you would like to click you can use that ERP9 entirely


Step 5: Activation Process

Using just your keyboard go to activate your License and press enter to activate your license received from Tally solutions. now just enter your serial number followed by the activation key followed by your email ID


Step 6: how to get (30-Day Free Pack)

If you don’t have Tally License then I will show you how to get Free 30-Days Trial Pack Step by step You need to go to the website www.tallysolutions.com and click on get the pack as shown in below Picture


Step 7: Submit Details to get (30-Day Free Pack)

Here you have to fill up this small form with your some details like Name, Phone Number, Email ID, and area Pin code one more thing the last field (Select Partner) you can select any partner if you know any Tally ERP9 Partner or else you can enter (Sneha Enterprises – AP – Pune) or it can be left as it is but I would recommend you to select some partner as it will help you to get Good Support from Tally Solutions as well as Tally Partner


Step 8: After Submitting Details

After submitting these details you will get the message “Thanks for Applying we will be in touch with you shortly”


Step 9: Receive License on mail for (30-Day Free Pack)

After Applying for Free 30-Days Trial Pack check with your Email Inbox or spam you might have received a mail from Tally Solutions with the subject “Welcome to Tally“ in this mail you will receive Serial Number and Activation Key for Tally’s 30 Days Pack


Step 10: Activation Request Submitted

After receiving Serial Number and Activation Key Follow Step 5 and then press Enter you will receive a message to unlock the License using unlock key sent to your Email-id (press Enter to continue)


Step 11: Receive Unlock Key on mail

Next step to unlock your License with Unlock key received on the Email id you specified during activation in the same mail you will also receive your Tally.NET ID and Password these Credentials Required for Reactivating your License


Step 12: Unlock tour Tally ERP 9 License

Enter the unlock key and press enter now your license is unlocked Hence you have done with activating our Tally ERP 9


we have completed with Tally ERP 9 Download, Install and Activate, In our next session, we will teach how to create an Implement a company with GST in Tally ERP 9

If you have any doubts or questions leave us a comment below so we will get back to you to solve your problems Guys we will provide you all with contact details soon

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